CARE is excited to be building a growing network of partnerships in pursuit of the Pathways vision. Ranging from global to local, our partners are a vital element of the program’s ability to realize the changes we seek. In recent months, CARE has established a collaboration with Yale University through which senior researchers and masters students are conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis on Pathways data. The partnership is helping to enrich the Pathways learning agenda as illustrated by this recent report from M.A. Candidate Jennifer Rosenberg, “Farmers Clubs as a Model for Empowering Women in Orissa, India.” Meanwhile, CARE has recently signed an MOU to collaborate with Landesa in Tanzania and India. In both instances, CARE and Landesa will focus on opportunities to improve women smallholder access to and ownership of productive land. At a global level, CARE is working with Datassist, an innovative data analytics and visualizations firm to generate powerful infographics (insert links) drawing on the Pathways baseline data. The partnership will continue as Pathways transitions from baseline to routine data collection and analysis helping to translate information into understanding. Finally, an emerging collaboration with Dimagi is providing opportunities to improve smallholder access to agricultural information while also enhancing program performance through ICT integration in Pathways programming models.