Boko Community Makes a Leap and Confronts Land Degradation

vertiva exercise 600x450 Boko Community Makes a Leap and Confronts Land Degradation

Erosion has been the main reason for land degradation within the Garu Tempane District in Ghana. This has been evident both on community settlement areas, farms, and dam banks. Yet, until recently, community members have been unable to arrest the situation.

When the MACF project discussed with stakeholders how to address fast land consuming erosion, they agreed that the opportune grass Vetiver should be planted within the threatened landscape. A new variety of Vertiva that is non-invasive was then sourced and introduced into the project site via a central nursery, which serves as the nucleus for future propagation. During the establishment of the nursery, the community sought  help to learn the Vetiver technology, which was granted.

The community of Boko subsequently applied this technology to plant improved Vetiver on the banks of the Boko Dam, which was under severe threat of erosion. Now the community praises CARE for helping them seize onto this new technology and for their nucleus nursery, which will serve the community and also ensure business initiative of selling to other communities. The success of this project indicates that this is a model worth emulating.

Contributor: Martin Yelibora