Bori Kassé: A Man Engaged

bori Bori Kassé: A Man Engaged

I’m Bori Kassé. I am 55 years old. I’m a community leader in Ouromody, Mopti region of Mali.

The Pathways project taught us good sustainable farming techniques which helped to increase women and households’ food production. This increase in production not only helped ensure households’ food security, but also increased women’s income. What struck me most are the awareness raising sessions Pathways is conducting through community dialogues on injustice to women. These sessions enabled me to understand suffering women are going through to achieve their socio-economic development. After participating in various community dialogues on workload distribution and decision-making, I now perform some tasks and pay for some expenses in my household. I also consult with my wife to make decisions on some issues like children’s marriage and health and girls’ education. In my household, adopting these changes created harmony in my home. I am trying to convince others to follow my example.