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Case Study: Mrs. Begum and Her Homestead Garden

Mrs. Bibizon Begum is an owner of a homestead garden and is part of the Pathways Bangladesh program. She grows produce year round by utilizing one plot of land to produce vegetables, seedlings, and saplings through the use of improved & indigenous agricultural techniques. Mrs. Bibizon is now optimistically looking forward to expanding her production to more areas.

2 Mrs. Bibizon  lives in the village of Suverkhuthi of Uttar Bania para of sadr Upazila in Kurigram district. She has one grandson and one granddaughter, who live with her and are in school. Before beginning her garden, she was a housewife while her husband was a day laborer and sharecropper. However, it was difficult for them to...
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Resilience in a Remote Bangladeshi Community: Atharai

Atharai is one of the most remote villages of Tala Upazila in the district of Satkhira, Bangladesh. It is vulnerable to climate challenges such as waterlogging, salinity, floods, storm surges, cyclones, dense fog, and droughts. Almost 90% of the households there depend primarily on agriculture. For the last ten years, farmers have been struggling to cope with the challenges posed by climate change. Rice, which is the major crop, was failing to produce the yields that had been seen in the past. The rice breeds grown in Atharai require large volumes of water for irrigation, but due to drought farmers were experiencing higher production costs. Pathways Bangladesh formed Farmers Field and Business Schools...
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Sowing Seeds of Sustainability: the Pathways-IRRI Collaboration in India

Kandhamal, Kalahandi and Nabarangapur are among the poorest and most disaster prone in Odisha. CARE India has been implementing the Pathways program in these districts since 2012. The program has directly impacted 12,000 women with direct wellbeing benefits to 4,000 others in their households. Pathways India collaborated with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) to provide stress tolerant varieties of paddy seeds in these program areas. Stress tolerant paddy varieties were provided to small holder women farmers. Prior to distribution of the paddy seeds, a cluster of villages was selected for seed distribution in each district. Each selected farmer was given a single mini kit of...
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Adaptive Agriculture Brings a Smile to Jomila’s Face: Case Study

Case: Jomila ( age 35), FFBS Farmer. Community: South Bania para, Union: Holokhana, Upazila: Sadar District: Kurigram, Bangladesh When we reached Jomila's home to interview her on her learning, she shared her adaptive practices that are changing the lives of her family. Jomila (35), wife of Md. Huzar Ali, said, "Our village suffers from regular droughts and floods, with devastating effects on our crops. Since joining Pathways, I am no longer a victim to the weather extremes, but feel empowered to deal with the challenges as they come." Jomila shared her story: My family depends on the agriculture wage earning and we cultivate rice in the small plot of land (20 decimal)...
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Atharai: The Resilient Community

bangladesh Atharai is one of the remote villages of Tala Upazila in the district of Satkhira in Bangladesh. It is vulnerable to climate challenges such as water-logging, salinity, floods, storm surges, cyclones, dense fog, and droughts. There are about 200 households in Atharai and the socio-economic make-up of these households is approximately 5% wealthy, 15% middle-income, 50% poor, and 30% extremely poor. 80% of these households are Muslim, while 20% are Hindu. Almost 90% of the households depend primarily on agriculture, and 10% on other activities, such as cow rearing and small businesses. In this region, agriculture has...
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A Pathways Woman Blocks a Land Grab: The Story of Naomi Mwale

malawi Naomi Mwale, 49, lives in Kapyola village Traditional Authority Njombwa in Kasungu district in Malawi. Born in a family of four, with two brothers and a sister, Naomi comes from a Chewa clan. She is happily married to Mr.Olwin Mwale,  a primary school teacher, and together they have four children. In addition to her husband's job as a teacher, the family grows various crops including groundnuts, soya, tobacco, and maize. Naomi joined the Pathways project in 2013 where she acquires knowledge and skills on groundnut and soya production. She decided to join Pathways after she saw the...
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Selina Discovers the Power of Collective Selling with the help of the Pathways Program

malawi Had you asked mother of three Selina Mboneche one year ago if she would ever be able to sell soya and groundnuts collectively and at the same time improve her family’s situation, the answer would have been a clear no. Selina and her husband,from Chibwangando village in Malawi , would always use the little money they earned from selling their crops to vendors immediately after the harvest in April and then struggle to feed the family during the hungry season from December to March. malawi3 Today, that negative cycle has...
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Collective Bulking and Marketing of Soybeans Proves a Milestone at Kamtuma FFBS Site in Malawi

malawi1 At Mnduka Farmer Field and Business School (FFBS) 28 women and 13 men gather weekly to learn about modern agronomic practices, gender, nutrition, and marketing. Before, farmers cultivated using less effecitve, traditional methods. They also used to sell produce to local vendors who bought at lower prices and using non-standardized weighing scales, resulting in losses for the farmers. malawi Thanks to Pathways, these former challenges are now a thing of the past. Farmers are now equipped with knowledge and skills in both modern agricultural practices and marketing skills. During...
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MAC Foundation Success in Ghana

ghana CARE Pathways is supported by the Margret Ann Cargill Foundation (MACF), which seeks to support programs that address unmet needs of people, animals, and the environment. With MACF funding, Pathways supports the empowerment of rural women, enhancing resilience in agricultural production, and improving the adaptive capacity of producer group members to the effects of climate change. In Ghana, the MACF funded program has recently achieved a number of successes, including:
  • Incorporating resilience into the farmer field and business school (FFBS) toolkits, with lessons on pesticide use, local pesticide and fertilizer preparation, and farm risk assessments.
  • Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)...
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Maureen Spreads Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Malawi

maureen Maureen Phiri was born in 1986 in the Msenga community in Malawi’s Kasungu district. In 2010, she married Fletcher Joshua and she now has three children. However, Maureen is not only a wife and mother. In 2013, Maureen was elected by the members of her community to serve as their Farmer to Farmer Trainer (FFT). As an FFT, Maureen is responsible for helping support the activities of Pathways Malawi. Pathways Malawi is a CARE program supported by the Margret Ann Cargill Foundation (MACF), which focuses on the empowerment of rural women in Kasungu and Dowa districts,...
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