She didn’t Accept Adversity, She Challenged It

india She didnt Accept Adversity, She Challenged It

Padmini Pradhan is the president of Adarsha Self Help Group in the Indian village of Argadi. She introduces herself as a stonemaker who has often find herself confronting adversity. She faced many challenges before she became the president of her group. Surrounded by social inequalities and discrimination, she has been standing tall since the very beginning . Padmini Pradhan says, “It doesn’t make me angry, it merely astonishes me. How can they even deny me my basic rights?”

A few years ago her family decided to take the goatery loan. Looking at the rapid increase in the consumption of chevon and milk, she thought of starting a goat farm. But due to the lack of training in goat farming, all her goats died. She recalls how helpless she became. Repayment of the loan seemed impossible and the fate that came with it left her hopeless. Behind her four walls, she always wanted to support her husband and give a brighter future to her children.

india2 She didnt Accept Adversity, She Challenged It

When she heard about the CARE India Pathways initiative, she was overwhelmed by the response of the other women who had already been working with the program. The Pathways program enabled her to fulfill her dreams. It provided her with the training in goat farming and other agriculture practices. With the help of her training , today she knows how to make the best use of natural resources . She has been extensively dealing with the market traders as the demand for sal products is good. She has encouraged other women to maintain individual passbooks to record their savings . Being a part of the group has enabled her to repay the goatery loan which had been haunting her for a very long time. “There is peace and stability in the household. The future does not look uncertain anymore. Repayment of the loan has removed a huge burden from my shoulders,” says a relaxed Padmini.

Contributed by: Dr. Pradip Kumar Mohapatra