Farmer’s Day celebration recognizes women farmers

The Pathways Program in Lambussie-Karni is please to share that it was recognized by the District Assembly on Ghana’s National Farmers’ Day this year. Two years ago, before Pathways came to the district, Farmer’s Day celebrations did not include or acknowledge women.  But today, hardworking women are celebrated as farmers!

This year, as a part of the celebration, Pathways received a certificate of recognition for its contribution to the development of women in agriculture in the Lambuissie-Kkarni.  And not only that, but one of our impact group members, Madam Banka Jamila was honored with the first place award in the category for women farmers.



gh2 600x377 Farmers Day celebration recognizes women farmers

Banka Jamila receiving her award at the National Farmers’ Day Celebration.