From the Field: Igniting Potential

 From the Field: Igniting Potential
Hola Pathways Readers!
The first weeks in Bangladesh have been a wonderful experience so far. Bangladesh is a very colorful country with beautiful people. The combination of smells, tastes, colors, and sounds make this country a fantastic place to stay. Nonetheless, poverty is present in many corners of the country, exacerbating the difficulties of life in Bangladesh.  The Pathways program has been implemented as a vehicle of development in order to overcome extreme poverty in rural Bangladesh.
Today I would like to particularly talk about how Pathways has helped women integrate into society, giving them a voice to speak up for themselves. CARE facilitated training with women where they learned negotiation skills and tools to work collectively. Groups of around 30 women were formed to work together as a team and together find solutions to some of the problems they face. For example, this training has permitted them to be more confident when it comes to demanding better wages for themselves. The raise in wages has significantly changed the social dynamics in their communities and is now translated into better education for their children, increased participation in politics, more food for their families, and livestock purchases for future investments.
 From the Field: Igniting Potential
I recently had the opportunity to meet some of these women. Talking to these women was absolutely inspiring, their willingness to share their experiences and the creative ideas they have, shows how CARE has helped them ignite the power, strength, and value they carry within them.
Can’t wait to share more experiences with you.