Gender Indicators Monitoring and Personal PPT Training

In July (25th-29th) 2016, three Pathways core team members joined with Ghana Pathways staff for a refresher training on gender indicators monitoring. Eighteen staff participated in the training, from CARE Ghana, PRUDA (an implementing partner organization), GES Gender Officer from Lambussie district, and community-level gender champions. The purpose of the training was to build the team’s capacity to (1) understand and use the identified gender indicators to observe and measure the social norm changes in Pathways communities, to (2) collect second round of data on the gender indicators, and to (3) analyse data and write report. In addition to developing these skills, the team also developed indicators for Personal PPT that will help CARE staff and partners measure progress they are making towards gender equity behaviors in their own lives.

The first day of training covered the concept of outcome mapping, and answered the questions, “How do we know that change is really happing in pathways communities? What are changing? What contributes to these changes? To what extent are changes happening?” The Ghana team presented on the outcome challenges they had identified in 2015, and the core team walked the group through the process of analyzing progress marker date: how to visualize it through graphs and charts, and what those graphs and charts can tell us about Pathway’s outcomes.

On the second day that entire group went on a field visit to communities where Pathways is operational. We observed a gender dialogue, and then practiced collecting data for the gender indicators through focus group discussions and interviews.

On the final day the group reflected on the positive changes observed in the focus group discussions, as well as the hindering factors that were preventing changes. The participants had a hands on experience of practicing data compilation, analysis, and interpretation. Using the data they created graphs and wrote an accompanying narrative.

The final exercise of the workshop was for the group to develop a set of indicators that they could use to chart their own journeys towards gender equity. The larger group divided into smaller groups for men and women, and came up with a list of indicators. These identified indicators would become the Personal PPT for Ghana team that they wanted to track periodically as a group.