MAC Foundation Success in Ghana

ghana 294x196 MAC Foundation Success in Ghana

CARE Pathways is supported by the Margret Ann Cargill Foundation (MACF), which seeks to support programs that address unmet needs of people, animals, and the environment. With MACF funding, Pathways supports the empowerment of rural women, enhancing resilience in agricultural production, and improving the adaptive capacity of producer group members to the effects of climate change. In Ghana, the MACF funded program has recently achieved a number of successes, including:

  • Incorporating resilience into the farmer field and business school (FFBS) toolkits, with lessons on pesticide use, local pesticide and fertilizer preparation, and farm risk assessments.
  • Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map project communities.
  •  Mapping key water points for dry season gardening support.
  • Convening soy and groundnut farmers and vendors in order to organize input fairs.
  • Training gender champions on advocacy and lobbying skills to help women have greater access to and control of productive resources.
  • Training communities on composting practices.
  • Conducting climate vulnerability and capacity analysis in Ghanaian communities.
  • Mapping four sites with degraded land in order to reclaim this land through the planting of useful Moringa trees.
  • Training villagers on improved nutritional practices.
  • Piloting a climate smart gardening project.