Success in infant malnutrition screening

My names is Malado Landoure and I live in the village of Niala, situated three kilometers from the town Djenne in Mopti, Mali.  I am 35 years old, married, and the mother of four children- two girl twins.  I’m also a member of the Nèma VSLA.

ml1 294x263 Success in infant malnutrition screening

Malado Landoure with her 9-month-old twins

ml2 294x221 Success in infant malnutrition screening

Six months after the birth of my twin girls, they suffered an illness which I ignored at first, but they became very feeble.  After participating in a session given by a Pathways agent on signs of malnutrition, I understood how my children were suffering.  I explained the case of my children, and was advised to give them boiled formula in addition to breast milk.  Two months have passed, and they have gained weight and the signs of illness have disappeared.

– Contributed by Pathways Mali,  en français ici