Meet the Staff: Agnes Loriba

Agnes Loriba, Program Manager for Pathways Ghana, received her first degree in Development Studies and later a Masters degree in Development Management. Ghana requires one year of compulsory service after students complete their first degree, which led Agnes to her first position at CARE. She has continued with the organization throughout her career working with Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, and Food and Nutrition Security, finally moving to Pathways in 2013.

As program manager, Agnes has to ensure that the project has a plan in place and that this plan is followed. She coaches the team and manages relationships with implementing partners and the private sector. She manages the program budget and reports to donors. Finally, she is responsible for ensuring that monitoring and evaluation plans are implemented

Agnes is very proud of the coherence within the Pathways Ghana team. “When I joined, there were only two people on the team. My contribution has been strengthening the team and improving work on the ground.” Early on, the small team size limited the team’s ability to do both the facilitation and reporting work. Balancing the field level activities and the management responsibilities was a constant challenge. Additional funding from the core team has allowed Pathways Ghana to scale up and reach more communities. Now Pathways Ghana has nine team members on staff. Agnes says that, despite the growth of the team, they have maintained strong communication and coordination and have emerged as one of the most visible teams in the country office.

Agnes states that she is excited about the “opportunity this office has to strengthen some pieces of work that we have started.” The team has already identified some gaps in programming, both internally and through the monitoring and evaluation process. Some of these weaker programming elements include collective marketing and engagement in policy. Now the team has the chance to pull together their ideas and strategies to address these challenges as the program moves forward.