Meet the Staff: Mamadou Fotigui Coulibaly, Mali Project Manager

This edition of “Meet the Staff” features Mamadou Fotigui Coulibaby, the Project Manager for CARE Mali.

Mamadou 294x522 Meet the Staff: Mamadou Fotigui Coulibaly, Mali Project Manager

Mamadou is Care Mali’s new Project Manager; before coming to Pathways, he was working with Save the Children Mali.

As Project Manager, Mamadou is in charge of designing, implementing, and running Pathways activities in Mali. He ensures that Pathways is delivered timely, according to organizational strategy and Bill & Melinda Gate requirements, and within allocated budgets.

Mamadou also oversees the institutionalization of project monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure timely and effective delivery of project activities and outputs as well as appropriate accountability to program donors and communities. He also develops synergy with other projects and programs within CARE Mali, prepares reports and coordinates external consultants, and communicates with other Pathways Projects via the CARE USA headquarters in Atlanta.

He was inspired to come to Pathways because of his previous experience as the OICI Country Coordinator (Farmer to Farmer Program) and MYAP (Multi Year Assistance Program) Coordinator. He now really appreciates and enjoys the teamwork that is so central to Pathways. Outside of work, Mamadou enjoys reading.

Thank you, Mamadou! We are grateful to have you on the team!