Meet the Staff: Pierre Diallo

Pierre joined CARE Mali in June 2016 and is the Agriculture and Nutrition Advisor there. In this role, he has a variety of responsibilities including promoting sustainable agricultural practices, developing strategies for nutrition and agriculture work, and developing plans for monitoring the implementation of these strategies across partners. Pierre also promotes adoption of improved agricultural practices and nutrition by disseminating information in order to change in attitudes and behaviors of rural farmers.

Previously, Pierre has worked in many agriculture and nutrition promotion capacities for a variety of nonprofits and international nongovernmental organizations. Within CARE, he is looking forward to promoting good nutritional and agricultural practices especially to the most vulnerable populations: children and pregnant or lactating women. He is also excited about the opportunity to strengthen female farmers’ resilience to the impacts of climate change in his work.

Within CARE, Pierre works with both the Pathways program and the Water Smart Agriculture (WaSA) program. He appreciates the gender focus of the Pathways program in particular, and notes that the majority of laborers in agriculture are women, so it is important that they have improved living conditions and are able to have a voice in their work within and outside of the household.