Pathways Presentation at IFPRI Workshop on Gender, Just Food, and Nutrition Security

Pathways presented a paper during the national conference on ‘Gender, Just Food, and Nutrition Security in India’ on August 29, 2016 in New Delhi, India organized by the India Food Security Portal, IFPRI. Pathways’s presentation highlighted key findings from the Pathways India program and discussed how SHGs emerged as a vehicle for empowering women and fostering a sense of collective confidence and strength among women smallholder farmers in India. The paper was included as one of the case studies that was distributed among the workshop participants.

The event brought together national policy makers, researchers, donors and implementing agencies to present the most recent evidence on gender and food security in India that will contribute to the ongoing local policy debate.

There is a growing recognition and interest among policy makers, practitioners and researchers of the intersections between gender and food and nutrition security. The growing evidence indicates a correlation between higher levels of gender inequality, and food insecurity, malnutrition and other nutrition deficiencies. Despite rapid economic growth, thousands of women and girls still lack food and nutrition security, largely because of entrenched gender inequalities in many areas.  There is a need for a comprehensive, gender-aware strategies that are grounded in an evidence-based understanding of the causes and impacts of hunger and malnutrition. See the presentation here.