Summer Intern Update: Pre-Crisis Market Analysis in Bangladesh

As a response to climate vulnerabilities in Bangladesh, CARE Pathways has implemented a new strategy to find more holistic solutions that permit Bangladeshis to lead lives that are less susceptible to the effects of climate change. To support this strategy, we implemented the Pre-Crisis Market Analysis (PCMA) tool, a participatory tool that is based on a toolkit designed and funded by International Rescue Committee, OXFAM, and USAID. The main purpose of the toolkit is to increase and improve the quality of interventions that an NGO is implementing with a scope to identify the most critical needs of the beneficiaries that are most affected by a certain emergency.
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The initial steps of the implementation of the PCMA took place during the summer with the goal to analyze how the rice market responds to flooding in the northern region of Bangladesh, specifically in the districts of Bogra and Kurigram. We also compared how this market responds to flooding during a year of reference (a year where the crisis is not happening) and a crisis year. With this information, better interventions can be implemented because rice is one of the most important staple foods consumed in Bangladesh and because of this, prices of rice can enormously affect the economy of the majority of the poor population in the country. As a first step, we developed a crisis scenario that informed the team of the main issues that affect families during the hungry season where little labor is required on the fields, thus many families are forced to reduce their food intake. 
L1020459 600x450 Summer Intern Update: Pre Crisis Market Analysis in Bangladesh
It was a very rewarding experience to work with the CARE Bangladesh team, and a great opportunity to be part of the work CARE International is doing around the globe in its mission to end poverty. 
Contributed by Gabriela Artasanchez, a graduate student at Emory University who interned for Pathways this summer. 

 If you are interested in learning more about the toolkit you can find it here: