Update from Ghana: Soy beans and Ground nuts!

Pathways Ghana is promoting soybeans for consumption to improve nutritional security, and as an alternative livelihood option for interested group members.  Producing and consuming soybeans is a significant way to encourage dietary diversity in project areas.  Besides being an income generating activity for interested Pathways group members, soybeans provide an opportunity for health education on nutritional values.

Partnering with Women in Agriculture Development (WIAD) of the Department of Agriculture (DoA), the Pathways project team hosted a soy cooking demonstration. WIAD and DoA promote processing and utilizing domestic foods, and WIAD personnel taught group members how to cook soybeans and blend them into local dishes like dawadawa and tumpaani for added nutritional value.  Lessons on how to prepare new foods like soy milk, khebabs, and porridge were also demonstrated.  Soy preparation classes were carried out across twenty communities in Garu-Tempane and Lambussie-karni districts in western Ghana.


soy1 Update from Ghana: Soy beans and Ground nuts!

Incorporating soybeans into local favorites


Even before the instructional cooking classes, local WIAD officers were busy sharing news about the nutrient-dense nature of each of these recipes.  Though most of the soy participants grow is sold at market, WIAD officers encouraged families to reserve some of their soy produce to supplement their own household diets with extra protein important for childhood development.


bowls2 Update from Ghana: Soy beans and Ground nuts!

Dishes prepared with soy for sharing with the community